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Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures


Camp Segonku is located on a road that tends to see a lot of summer traffic, so it’s super important that you follow basic courtesies when you pick up and drop off your camper.  This will help us keep the roads safe for other drivers, our campers, and our staff.

          1 – Please remember that cars entering from the main road have the right of way.  Our very first priority is to not create a traffic jam on the                    main road, so we’ll do our best to get those cars in before letting more cars out. 

          2 – Please know that we may have to keep you in the camp until we can clear the way to the main road for you.  This typically doesn’t take                      too long, so please be patient with us.

          3 – Please follow the speed limit in camp – 10 MPH – and all the posted signs.  Please pay attention to our parking personnel, they’re wearing                  bright orange vests so they can easily get your attention.  It’s taken a few years for us to get a good efficient traffic flow in our camp and                    they’ve perfected it, so please give them the attention they need to keep it moving.

          4 – Turn signals are really important!  Especially when you are approaching the camp from the main road, this helps our parking staff                                immensely in keeping traffic flowing smooth.

          5 - There is limited parking at camp, and carpooling is strongly recommended.

          6 - Please be patient during the drop-off and pick-up processes and be very cautious of people walking on the roadway.

          7 -  Remember that your camper’s safety is our primary concern. 


Campers should arrive at camp between 8:45 and 9:00 am. The camp will not be responsible for campers dropped off prior to this time. Staff members will be on hand to welcome campers and direct then to the check-in table on Monday, then to the meadow to await the start of camp.

The rest of the week campers will go straight to the meadow after departing their car. 


The person picking up the camper needs to print the name of the camper, sign it, and date on the camper pickup letter (emailed one week prior to camp), and hand it to the traffic staff on Monday afternoon. Four brightly colored "Camper Pick Up" cards will be given to each camper on the first day of camp to be used Tuesday thru Friday. These cards become the documentation of who picks up the camper each day. For safety reasons, persons who do not have the pickup card will be required to show a photo identification and must be listed on the Camper Release, or be a contact on the Health History / Registration forms, or have a written note from the parent (in which case a call to the parent will be made) to pick up their child.  Please be kind and patient with our traffic volunteers and be mindful of all children.

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