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LIA, PAIT, PA, CIT Programs

LIA Program

Leaders In Action (LIA - 6th grade) This is a the transitional unit  to take girls from campers to older girls.  These girls will earn the LIA patch by the end of the week, which is a prerequisite for the PA pin.  LIAs will not be placed individually in units, but they will have two 1 hour sessions working with other LIAs in a Daisy or Brownie unit.  

PAIT Program

Program Aides In Training (PAIT - 7th grade) or older that has not had previous Program Aide training.   PAITs spend most of their week in their own unit learning to become Program Aides. This will include Core Training and at least one Program Aide Specialization. The purpose of this training is to teach them how to teach the skills that they have learned and how to provide leadership to younger girls. They will split up into the younger units  toward the end of the week to finish up their PA training. While many girls take this training so they can work at a summer day camp as a program aide, there are many other settings where these skills can be applied, such as; at a service unit campout or event, a large council-wide event, or even  assisting a Daisy, Brownie, or Junior troop leader at meetings.

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PA Program

Program Aides (8th - 10th grade generally) who have completed a Segonku approved PAIT training. PAs spend the entire week with campers in an assigned unit. They have many different skills, and are a valuable asset to our camp and leaders.  Not all of them are actors or singers, some are better at crowd control or teaching games, others enjoy teaching a craft. They serve as a mature role model for campers, keeping a positive and respectful attitude as well as following camp dress code and rules.  The PAs all have came names and wish to be called by them. The campers love their PA and look up to them. PAs do not buddy up with a camper; this helps them understand that the PAs are not picking favorites! Camp provides a Wednesday evening activity as a special thank you for all their hard work. If this event is away from camp, a permission slip will go home Monday.
Benefits of Being a Program Aide
• Expand your leadership experience 

• Build new skills

• Develop relationships with Girl Scout leaders, who could serve as professional references for a scholarship, job, and college applications

• Develop experience working with younger girls
• Gives volunteer hours needed for school graduation or other organization’s requirements

CIT Program

Counselors In Training (CIT - 11th - 12th grade) that have completed at least one year as a Segonku PA.  CITs are given a little more responsibility than the PAs.  They work equally with adult volunteers as co-leaders of a unit, planning and leading the girls in activities.  Even though they work as a unit volunteer, they are not 18 so they cannot be left alone with the girls.  These girls pay a discounted rate to come to camp, and they are invited to the Wednesday night "Older Girl" activity. They are also expected to attend the Volunteer Leader Training in June and the daily morning leader meetings at camp.

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